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Sayoni launches preliminary version of Coming Out Guide

Posted on 03 August 2009 by lainie

Booklet cover

Sayoni presents the first ever Coming Out Guide in Singapore. Please provide your feedback on the guide.

This preliminary version of the guide was launched on 1 August, at the opening of IndigNation 2009, Singapore’s pride season.

From Launch of Coming Out Guide (preliminary version)

While I haven’t read the entire pdf, I did manage to go through a few sections and I feel that certain sections (debunking myths!) will be helpful for those with questions towards their own sexuality. Anj Ho, one of the presenters for Seksualiti Merdeka last year on spotting homophobic traits, is heading the team behind this booklet.

It also shows with simple diagrams and explanations, how sexuality orientation is comprised of sexual identity, attraction and behaviour. If you’ve ever wondered why certain things queer people do conflict with ideas you have on what they should be doing (ie: is a lesbian who sleeps with a man still a lesbian?), you should probably pick up some 101 guidance here.

Give it a go and see how you react to the content.

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In the future, you too can be a beautiful man-elf.

Posted on 16 May 2009 by lainie

Mangas and animes, with their various examples of gender-bending friendliness (and awful stereotypes), can sometimes be your best resort in a book or dvd store. You know, one of those days when you’d like a romantic comedy, and it’d be kinda nice if the story was about (in my case) two girls and their happy endings.

Having to read up on gender-bending in adopted online identities lately, I stumbled upon this interesting manga called 1/2 Ouji manga. This manga is written by Yu Wo, and illustrated by Choi Hong Chong.


It’s 2100 AD — Feng Lan is a 19 year old college girl, living in T City. Her twin brother introduces her to the game Second Life. Rather like our own Second Life, users can construct their own identities in this game. The difference lies in this: the game is immersive, one enters the virtual reality, and injuries  received from the game translate into real pain.

Those familiar with Hunter X Hunter may compare this with Greed Island.


OH, SNAP! Hehe.

Feng Lan is furious at her brother for declaring that being female gives her an unfair advantage in the game. I presume this may mean in 2100AD, Second Life is catered for, and dominated by, straight, hormonal males. At the very least, it is certain that the game allows females to level up easier.


Feng Lan decides to play the game as a man. This makes her the first transgendered character in the game.

I have only begun reading the manga, I cannot say if Feng Lan is actually transgendered — though based on the circumstantial beginnings, I am inclined to think not. She also seems much  more interested in getting into her own pants.

I’m not that far along in the manga yet — from what I understand, Feng Lan’s supposed to evolve into a blood-thirsty warrior. I’m still at the part where in Second Life, he’s a lust-inducing man, getting favours thrown his way because of how beautiful he looks.


Yeap. That’s a picture of Feng Lan as “Prince”. Certainly a more interesting character than Legolas, for me. I like my fictional elves to be evil.

If you’re sold on the idea of giving it a try, Manga Fox has scanlations of 1/2 Ouji manga. The link to yonder first chapter is here. If you like what you see, head on over to your favourite manga shop and pick up a copy.

As for me; my two favourite gender-bending manga comics growing up were Ranma 1/2, and F. Compo. What’s yours? :)

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