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The Food Pornographer

Posted on 06 January 2009 by lainie

With a name like that, and a tagline that goes “Food at its porniest”, you should know what to expect of The Food Pornographer (TFP)’s blog. Droolsome photos await you at her website.

Rocket, feta and olive pizza

(Photo taken from The Food Pornographer’s post, Friday pizza lunch)

TFP’s based in Perth, and yes, since I’m pimping her out on this website, there’s little point in delaying the obligatory “she’s a queer blogger!” announcement. With a (lucky, lucky, lucky) female partner known as Jac on TFP’s blog, mentions of their relationship do appear every so often, as do other aspects of her personal life.

The reason I’m writing about TFP, and my favourite aspect of her website, is this: Bento. It’s a category dedicated to the bento box sets she makes for herself and Jac. Here’s an excerpt from one of her recent Bento posts:

My bento note for Jac, below. Jac told me later she was having a really crappy day at work that day, but when she opened her lunch and read her note, it made her feel happy – she said it made her think “work may be crappy, but the rest of my life is good”. Knowing that the note had that effect made me happy. :)

Sandwich bento note - 3 sleeps to Christmas

(Photo and text taken from The Food Pornographer’s post, Monday bento – sandwiches)

From what I’ve seen, every bento sex (wow, Freudian typo) set comes with three courses. Usually a salad, a main meal, and fruits – very healthy stuff. And a note to Jac. I know, it’s so loving, feel-good, colourful and wholesome looking.

Because it’s primarily a food blog, some of her readers take time to catch on to the lesbian angle of her relationship with Jac. You can see how TFP deals with a homophobic reader in her 2006 post The sting in the tail. TFP can be quite feisty — here she is standing up for herself again, over intellectual property.

The Food Pornographer – not a “queer” blog, but hey. Check out those awesome bento boxes.

Ps: Unless I’m mistaken, TFP’s family came from Malaysia (but is now based in Australia).

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