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The effing show: Homo is where the heart is –

Posted on 04 April 2012 by ana_a

The effing show is one of three digital tv programs produced by Popfolio Sdn Bhd. Their charter is to engage with young Malaysians to help create a far more democratic media space. Rather than being reduced to mere consumers, we’d like to see young Malaysians create their own media experience. We do this by collaborating with creative producers to develop individual shows. PopTeeVee provides the resources to create and distribute this programming. This separation between platform and creativity will hopefully help create a more engaging media experience.

The episode:
Humorous opinion on the BN MP from Sekijang’s recent disertation claiming that 33% of Malaysian men are gay and wants to start rehabilitation centers for these men. Guess he thinks lesbians are ok, the perv!

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