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Malaysia’s Anti Gay Camp

Posted on 21 April 2011 by ana_a

PRI’s the World’s talks about the Malaysian anti gay camp where effeminate young boys are encouraged to enroll in masculinity training camp as a premptive attempt to prevent them from growing up gay or transexual.

66 13-17 year old boys are currently engaged in such a camp right now. These kids were picked by their teachers based on their effeminate behavior.

These masculinity training camps are not new to Malaysia. The camps have always existed especially in higher education institutions. Gay activists in Malaysia are now afraid of the impact on the psychology of the children since the authorities are targeting a younger age group.

Whole article along with the mp3 file:

Frankly I am flabbergasted especially by the purported article written by a psychologist blaming effeminate behavior on parents who make boys do household chores meant for girls or dressing boys up in feminine clothing. Are Malaysian especially children not allowed to have any personalities anymore?
Everyone needs to come out of a heteronormal behavioral cast?

Are we seriously going to allow religious authorities or governmental entities to dictate personality and demeanor?

Shame on us.

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  1. bornthisway Says:

    Ok, first of all, I’m a malaysian and in bi. Just because they’re diffrent than us dosent mean you have to picked or teased them. They’re just like us, but diffrent and unique. And you think that Anti Gay Camp is going to make them straight? well guess what no it does not make them straight. and for all of you people out there who has been doing this rubbish campaign, it’s a terrible thing. You can’t change who them are cause they are what they are and you just CAN’T encouraged them to join this crap. Their parents should support them and love them for what they are. And I think it’s wrong to go to this camp cause you can chane them. The way they dress, act or how they look like. You do all these things cause you don’t like the way they are, and you feel disgust because of their sexual orientation.

    Shame on you guys cause you dont like them for what they are.

  2. shax Says:

    Im BI, well everyone tries to fix every body according to their wants.

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