Yuki Needs Our Help.

Posted on 28 September 2008 by lainie

Dear gals and pals,

I would like to bring your attention to a special cause today: a dear friend of mine, Yuki Choe, a male-to-female transsexual, is in dire straits and urgently in need of donations to support her living expenses.

Yuki is currently unemployed and living on what remains of her savings. She is also relying on some donations made through her blog but PayPal is not recognised by most Malaysian banks. She has few friends. Some are helping but not enough. Her family has turned her down as well.

She has applied for over 60 jobs but had only 2 interviews, one of which rejected her, and the other offered her a job as a mortgage and home loan provider. She is eager to take it up as a part-time job, as well as start her own business (selling art pieces), but lacks start-up capital.

She has been disqualified for state welfare. She is currently staying in a single room in USJ until she gets evicted. 


(1) All donors will be listed at Yuki’s blog (www.yukishock.blogspot.com). Donors can choose to be named or remain anonymous. Any amount will be deeply appreciated.

(2) Notify Yuki if you know anyone willing to offer her a job with a stable income –
Those of you involved in LGBT activism will know that many transsexuals in Malaysia entered the flesh trade after failing to notch a single decent job offer, but Yuki is determind not to meet the same fate. She is also the only actively blogging transsexual LGBT advocate in Malaysia. Let’s help her help herself, so that when she finally finds a firm footing, she can be a role model to all other transsexuals in Malaysia to lead independent, healthy and responsible lives.

(3) Spread this message around –
Post this on your blog, tell your friends, email your contacts – spread the word, get as many people as possible to chip in a little bit.

Please help Yuki get by, one day at a time. 
Your help will be deeply appreciated.


She can be contacted at yuki.choe@yahoo.com.
For those who want to read about her life story, they can refer to yuki-thejourney.blogspot.com and yukishock.blogspot.com.

Please help if you can, or crosspost this on your blog too.

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  1. Surind Says:

    Please send me a email, I have a aunt whom runs a very good nursing home, mainly for those whom have various mental problems. They are ok though as under medication & with the proper care, love & support, most of them get much better.

    She is currently hiring, but wants to interview the person first. The person would need to be honest, compassionate, hard-working, sincere to help & support others, etc.

    I have also seen a lot of Transexuals working at Isetan, so they might not really discrimate there.


  2. Yuki Choe Says:

    Hi Surind, my e-mail is at my blogsite profile, and also on this article.

    Somethings I need to share to you all in regards to the ongoing donation drive: http://yukishock.blogspot.com/2008/09/story.html.

  3. Yuki Choe Says:

    Another thing Surind, I am having depression and not taking any medications for the time being because I cannot afford to see a psychiatrist. I fear I am unfit to work with your aunt, unless ok with her.

  4. Surind Says:

    I am 100% sure that it will be ok with her, as she has employed people whom are on medication. She will need to interview you first though. She is good hearted lady & I can testify to the multicultaralism, family like atmosphere at the home. It’s among the best in PJ.

    Will email you her mobile no, contact her directly.

  5. Surind Says:

    Apologies for the late reply, I have been busy, was expecting a email from you, instead of a reply here.

  6. fux Says:


  7. Gabrielle Chong Yong Wei Says:

    Yes yes yes arc/fux/Muhammad Asfan/whatever, we all know how you’re proud to be one.

  8. Zaephyrus Says:

    You don’t need to advertise the fact that you’re an asshole repeatedly on this blog, fux/arc/etc. We know, and we’re frankly quite tired of reading the same thing over and over again.

  9. Alicia Says:

    Yuki is a LIAR! I know that freak. Do not help him!!!

  10. Yuki Choe Says:

    If I am really a liar, you would not be calling me a “freak” and “him”. : )

  11. nakedwriter Says:

    Please refer to a person with their preferred pronouns, Alicia. We will be adding pronouns to our pages “Who We Are” – either ze, hir, he, she, etc. Thank you.

  12. happy lezzy Says:

    hi.. i’m not sure if you’re still in need of help..

    but have you consider setting up a stall in markets (morning or night) and sell stuff?

    perhaps if you are well dressed (i’m not saying you’re not now, i do not know you and we’ve not met. it’s just that human in general will be afraid of what they are not familiar of), i believe this could be a way out for you.

    if you can cook, then selling food is always a good choice..
    if not, perhaps ready made items, like accessories or clothes would be good..
    if you’re hardworking enough, you could also go to distributing markets and get some fresh food items to sell..

    i believe that will all be better than trying to get people to help you by donations…

    all the best to you.. :)

  13. happy lezzy Says:

    oh.. i just found your picture in this website..
    you do not look anything freakish.. like how someone commented earlier..
    i do believe you will have no trouble with selling stuff in the market…

    good luck! :)

  14. J.E. Says:

    Yuki Choe is a lied who owes a lot of people money and have yet to pay them back, citing her depression as a reason every time people attempt to ask. When things are bad in her life she blames everyone around her AND seksualiti merdeka for her troubles except herself. Yuki, pay us back. And get over yourself already. You owe us that much.

  15. Yuki Choe Says:

    I wish some of these folks from PT Foundation and Seksualiti Merdeka learn to discuss things with reason and logic, instead of attempting character assassination when they are unable to return an argument, sigh. Critical thinking is not their strongest point after all, neither is morality. I guess lying and failing to improve themselves is. God help them.

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